Considered one of the top minivans on the market, the Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van delivers a safe, comfortable ride with good reliability and fuel economy. Owners and reviewers continually place the Sienna at the top of its competitive class. 

Designed to provide maximum passenger and wheelchair space, we have a couple different seating options to fit your needs. A typical configuration includes driver/passenger, two single folding bucket seats in the second row, with room one or two wheelchairs down the center channel.  Another popular configuration includes driver/passenger, second row bench for three passengers, and the wheelchair in place -OR- we can add a double passenger folding seat in the third row to accommodate two more passengers while the wheelchair is not in place.


  • Transports 1 - 2 wheelchairs OR Gurney/Stretcher (Must purchase stretcher kit)
  • ADA Compliant / Crash Tested / Certified Manufacturer 
  • Optional 2nd row and 3rd row Seating
  • Non Slip powder coated ramp
  • Lightweight aluminum ramp with dual locking shock assist
  • 42" wide ramp / 86" Channel length
  • Q-Straint restraint system
  • Full Factory Warranty on all new vehicles 
  • 3 year limited warranty on all conversion work